Nepal Mission Trip 2017

letter pictureWelcome!

Dear family and friends,            

Hi! I hope this letter finds you all doing very well. I am writing to tell you about a new chapter in my life. I graduated from high school last May and am currently attending college full time. I remain active in my local church and community. This July I will be going on a month long mission trip with a team to Nepal through Adventures In Missions as part of  their Passport program. This is the same organization I went with on my Swaziland mission trip in 2015. For those who do not know, Nepal is a beautiful country situated between China and India.

Our  team will  serve the Nepali people in every way we can. Some of the ministry we will be involved in includes English lessons, anti-trafficking efforts, earthquake disaster relief, home visits, and spreading the Gospel. I believe that sharing the love of God in Nepal through these ministries is what He wants me to do this summer. I am so excited to see all that God wants me to learn through the Nepali people and experiences I come across there. I want to make it clear that this is not a vacation and I intend to put 100% of my effort into making this trip worth every investment that is made towards getting me there.

I will be so grateful for any support you can offer, through prayer and also with finances if you are able. The cost of this mission trip to Nepal is $3,904 which covers my round trip travel expenses from the USA to Nepal, as well as lodging and insurance. As of 5/4/2017, I need to raise $1,105 to be fully funded toward this. If you choose to donate, you may do so online by visiting my donation page on the Adventures in Missions website by clicking here: DONATE

**Your donation is tax deductible in the USA and you will receive a receipt for it.

Updates will be posted on my blog. Please consider signing up to follow it so you are able see my progress and what God is doing through my team while we are on this mission trip. Prayer for this trip and the Nepali people is crucial and would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance and may God bless you!



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