There are some questions that many people have asked so I’ve started this page of frequently asked questions.

1. What about the risk of travel advisories/bans, due to disease outbreak, terrorism, or instability in the country affecting the trip?

Adventures in Missions is aware of the risks of disease and political conditions in the countries it ministers in. If this becomes a serious issue some options would be switching mission trips or rescheduling the current trip. Some other options for trips would be Peru, Guatemala or Zambia, for summer 2017 trips, or rolling funds toward a different mission trip at a later date.

2. What if you cannot raise the funds needed for Nepal?

If this were to happen I would choose between one of the less expensive trips listed above, scheduled at a time that my funds would cover it.

3. What happens if you get sick, or something prevents you from being able to go at that time?

In this case, my funds would be held over and be put towards the next available mission trip that I’m able to attend.

4. Do you go on outreaches/mission trips with your home church and the fellowship churches?

Yes. I go on local outreaches with my home church as well as out of state ones. I also volunteer at a local nursing home.

I went on the outreach team to our baby church in Lithuania in 2013. I re-visited the Lithuania church in 2014 for a few weeks and helped our missionaries there, whom I stayed with, and also was involved with their church activities.

I plan on going  with my home church this autumn to labor with our fellowship church in Chinle Arizona and outreach the Navajo Nation.

I also look forward to one day going on a mission trip with Into-Africa led by Pastor Alvin Smith of our fellowship church, The Door,  in Tuscon Arizona, as well as other outreach teams as they become available through my home church in the future. Until then, I am happy to have the opportunity to go on another mission trip with Adventures in Missions, an excellent Christian organization with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus throughout the world, and strengthening and establishing churches and ministries in their local communities.

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