“Why?” is a question I hear way too often.

“Why do you want to go on a mission trip so badly?”

“Why do you care?”

I never understand their whys. As a Christian we are commanded to care for people and share God’s love with as many as possible. If I work hard enough I know I can raise enough money to go on a mission trip. Even those out of town outreaches on Saturdays- I don’t have anything to do a lot of Saturdays, so, of course I’m going to go. “Why not?” I find myself saying so often. The opportunity is there, and it makes no sense not to take it.

No, I don’t think I’m too young. There is no such thing as too young to serve in the best way possible and do God’s will for your life.

“Do these things when you’re old enough to appreciate it,” they say.

I know I’m capable of appreciating it now. God has put an overwhelming love in my heart for people now, so why not put it to use now? If I waited until I was older, what would I do now? I’m not waiting until I’m older because I’m capable of making a difference now.

I’m not doing this to have a good experience, or to better myself, but to better other people. Until I have ministered God’s word to people who can give me nothing in return, I have not lived.

“God, please use me now. My life is yours; do as you please with it.”

Showing God’s Love


I think that over time the definition and purpose of a mission trip has changed. So many times when I tell people that I will be going in a mission trip the response is “Wow, what a great opportunity for you,” or “Awesome, you’ll get a lot out of that,” “That will completely change your life and how you see things.” I believe these things are true but they are being put out out in too much light. Isn’t the purpose if a mission trip to serve? You do not sign up and raise thousands of dollars to go fly to a third world country to benefit yourself.

The other day a friend of mine said she does not believe that mission trips are very effective because she has seen so many people come back from them and they don’t seem like better Christians or people in general. I found this to be a ridiculous, (although somewhat common) statement because the purpose is to go show God’s love to people who need it.

I am not going on this trip to come back a new person. I’m going to come back knowing that God worked through my team and I to care for all the needs possible in the situations we are placed in, to help desperate people both physically and spiritually. This being said, I have no doubt that God’s love will also show through the people of Swaziland, and show me things I have never seen before.


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